Still time to make plans while your rig is in RV Storage

Well the Spring thaw is well underway, a good dose of April showers has washed away the ice and snow on my Travel Trailer.  And as I count the days till I unwrap it from its cover, pull it out of RV storage and load it with gear, (All would be made easier if I stored my RV indoors — HD Indoor Storage will be open this fall. This will be a bright spot to the end of camping season.)  Good news! I have made progress with my trip planning.

Six RV Trips and Counting…

April Showers did more than wash away snow this weekend, they had me at my computer planning RV trips.  So, I am happy to say we now have six trips planned including camping in Delaware.  Amazingly enough, we have not camped there yet. And we hope to earn a new state sticker for the side of the trailer.  Anyone else collect state stickers on their RV?  Do you have to camp overnight or do you just have to travel through? This is a hot topic for us.

Not too late for more RV plans

Still some holes in the Camping calendar.  So, I was so encouraged to see this article today, “The 7 Best Beach Camping Spots in America”.  The article opens with:

Spring is finally upon us and summer camping trips are just around the corner, but many of America’s best sites require campers to book months in advance.

One possible solution? Consider parking your RV by the beach instead.

I’m in! What uplifting words to an RVer afraid they were “a little late to the party”. One of their suggestions is Assateague Island, Maryland. We went to Chincoteague last year.  As they mention, you cannot camp on the Virginia side where we were. We definitely want to go back and try the Maryland side.  This is as close as we got to the ponies (not very). Camping and a horse walks by — booking Assateague ASAP!

Chincoteague ponies
This is as close as we got to the Chincoteague ponies on our RV trip

Still hope in making camping 2017 a memorable one. But, as always trip tips appreciated!

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