Boat still in storage? Got ideas for you!

Boat in Storage- Things to do while you waitRealizing Boat owners are also counting down the days till they can get their boats out of storage and on the water, I’ve come up with worthwhile distractions for you too! I found this helpful link on Preparing for the Boating Season.  There are a few things that you can do before you call “All Aboard!”

Ahoy! Your File Cabinet

A great start is getting you paperwork in order. Your registration, license, and decal for the boat should be up to date.  Also, where you float your boat may require special permits — now is the time to check this out.  Finally, in our neck of the woods in Pennsylvania, many need to complete a Boating Safety Course and receive a certificate.  Paperwork may not be high on the fun factor, but definitely a necessity and not something you can run out and pick up at the store.

A Real Lifesaver: Safety Shopping List

Stuff you can pick up at the store is safety equipment.  It may be time to freshen up those life jackets. Or your little ones may be turning into big ones — time to get some bigger life jackets as well.  And check those fire extinguishers, make sure they are working, full and haven’t expired.  That’s right fire extinguishers have an expiration date.  Want to make sure yours is ship shape? This article from Real Simple Magazine can help, “When to Replace a Fire Extinguisher”.

“Fun” is Music to My Ears

Now, as far as fun distractions.  Based on the success of my RV Road Trip Mixed Tape. I am working on a Boating Mixed Tape.  And this might require all hands on deck.  I’m stuck at “Sailing” by Christopher Cross.  I could really use some help on this one. Please float some song ideas my way — I’m sinking fast!

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