Get Revved For Classic Car Show Season!

Get Revved for Classic Car Season

As the weather warms up and you start to see the blooms on the trees, there is another wondrous sight — Classic cars on the road.  For us at HD Indoor Storage, it’s like spotting a rainbow.  A rainbow or Classic car would be a welcome site on a soggy day like today. The weather has not been kind to Classic Car lovers, but they make their own sunshine. Need proof ? Check out the great pics from the Boy Scout Troop 597 – 10th Anniversary Antique & Classic Car Show.

Getting Your Classic Car Fix: Good Weather


Well, of course, you can try your luck at Classic Car spotting on your travels.  But, if you want to get a good look and not run off the road.  A Car Show is your best (and safest) bet.  Also, get ready to meet the a fun bunch of “gear heads” — we’re always up for making friends.

The most comprehensive listing I have found is on Old  I search our next of the woods in Pennsylvania and we have 23 in the next month! So get out your Calendars and pencil those in.  I still need a distraction till I get my RV out of storage — don’t get me started with all the prep I have to do because I can’t store Indoor yet.  Oh, HD Indoor Storage you can’t open your doors soon enough!

Getting Your Classic Car Fix: Bad Weather

American Graffiti

On a day like today, when we are drowning in “liquid sunshine”.  We can still enjoy Classic Cars.  I have come across the 20 Greatest Car Movies of All Time. With picks like “American Graffiti”, “Corvette Summer” and “Tucker” — there is something for every Classic Car Taste.  Good Weather, Bad Weather, Sunshine, Rain, Classic Car Fix — HD Indoor Storage has got you covered! (Get it?! Covered! That comedy gold puts me in the mood for “Cannonball Run”)

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