Now We’re Camping! Keeping RV Trips Running Smooth

Keep Rv Trips Running Smoothly

Hello Camping Season! The RV is out of storage and we just returned from our first trip. Unfortunately, the weather was not ideal. It rained a lot.  And the pristine condition that we left the RV in when it went into it’s winter slumber is now covered in mud.  We are still trying to get the tent ends to dry out, but the sun has been very shy this May. Once again, the opening on HD Indoor Storage cannot come soon enough — I wouldn’t be waiting for third day to dry outside.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sour on our RV camping.  The right attitude and packing can make the difference.

Camping Requires Letting Go of Perfection

I think the greatest lesson from camping is that it will not be perfect. It may not be what you expect. But, if you can let go and roll with it – great things can happen. Despite the weather it was a good trip.  A little rain can slow things down. But, a good conversation can take off, an old board game has a new life and you remember how satisfying a puzzle can be.

As I have said before, Is there such a thing as a bad camping trip? I was just reading “Go Forth and Camp: Tips for making camping easy” and the author also recalled her history of camping with her family.

And while that week was never without incident — on one trip we lost a tent into the lake and my dad sunburned the bottom of his feet — it was always worth it in the end.

But, Don’t Leave Everything Up To Chance

“Letting go” is easier when you have some options, like a few board games or puzzles. Remember the Scout Motto of “Be Prepared” — think through some situations that might occur, so that if they come up, you’re covered.  I enjoy our RV because I have the room to tuck away those necessities that smooth the bumps in a trip.  My tweezers came in handy this last trip when a nasty splinter appeared. Poison Ivy Wash was a lifesaver last summer.  And there is a basket of sunscreen, bug spray and itch cream that are along for the ride for the season.

What Is Your Camping “Necessity”?

I can do without a lot of things.  And I have weathered, quite a few unpleasant scenarios (i.e., nursing a little camper’s late night stomach bug while dry camping). But, I have found one thing that can make or break me is Coffee.  To be a little quirkier, iced coffee.  I find I can weather almost every storm if I have my iced coffee. So, after our first season of camping, I made sure I had a coffee maker and I pack ice or ice trays for the freezer. My fellow campers appreciate this commitment.

Think about one or two things that might make you a bit more comfortable? Your pillow, a camping chair with a footrest, chocolate.  I found this link with new camping gear suggestions.  I think the canned wine may be a new camping necessity.

I’m looking forward to a Camping Season full of adventure and challenges. As always tips are much appreciated!

Brigantine Shore De-Tour to feature nearly 150 classic cars | News |

We have found the HD Indoor Storage Weekend Trifecta: Camp at the Shore, Cruise the Classic Car Show and float your Boat in the cove at Brigantine, NJ. What a way to start the summer! Who’s in?

May be time for a pilgrimage to the “Rv capital of the World”

My RV is revving up — first trip this weekend! Each year, we do an epic two-week trip. This year it’s west — Midwest. And the RV Hall of Fame and Museum in Bristol, Indiana looks like just the stop. The history of recreational vehicles and motorhomes is on display in the “RV capital of the world.”

Boat Storage Distraction Part #2: Boating Mixed Tape

Boating Mixed TapeOn a day that is teaming with rain and appears to require an Ark, I present the long anticipated Boating Mixed-Tape (Following the ever-popular RV Road trip Mixed Tape).  If you are still longing to get out of boat storage and on the water, this may be a worthwhile distraction.  I have to admit; I think this still needs some work. So if your still stuck ashore, let’s get to work…

Click To Hear:

Is a “Boat” mention enough to make the list?

This is the struggle.  I started with songs with “boat” references, but it gives you a very eclectic sound with some genres really fighting each other.  Should the disco beat of “Don’t Rock the Boat” follow Jimmy Buffet? Should it even make our tape? Does it really capture the chill, cruising atmosphere of boating?

Styx has two great Boat songs!

This is a mixed tape.  I wouldn’t normally repeat a performer.  And Jimmy Buffet did have another contender.  But, when faced with a choice — I could not pick between  “Come Sail Away” and “Boat On The River”.  “Come Sail Away” is a solid classic and makes you want to cast off immediately.  “Boat On The River” has a very cool sound. This is for the sailor with a real calling for the water. I’m hooked. They both stay.

Nostalgic or Cheesy?

At the end of the playlist you will see two questionable choices: “Sailing” by Christopher Cross and “The Love Boat” by Jack Jones. Amazingly both released in 1979 — and that is the problem, are they dated or nostalgic? I want to love them, but after a minute I’m done. So, you decide where it should end.  I’m thinking we’re running two songs too long.

And that brings you to the end or back to the beginning, I myself am going back to “Southern Cross” for the sixth time I have been around the world…

Bon Voyage! (Hope It’s soon!)