Get Revved For Classic Car Show Season!

Get Revved for Classic Car Season

As the weather warms up and you start to see the blooms on the trees, there is another wondrous sight — Classic cars on the road.  For us at HD Indoor Storage, it’s like spotting a rainbow.  A rainbow or Classic car would be a welcome site on a soggy day like today. The weather has not been kind to Classic Car lovers, but they make their own sunshine. Need proof ? Check out the great pics from the Boy Scout Troop 597 – 10th Anniversary Antique & Classic Car Show.

Getting Your Classic Car Fix: Good Weather


Well, of course, you can try your luck at Classic Car spotting on your travels.  But, if you want to get a good look and not run off the road.  A Car Show is your best (and safest) bet.  Also, get ready to meet the a fun bunch of “gear heads” — we’re always up for making friends.

The most comprehensive listing I have found is on Old  I search our next of the woods in Pennsylvania and we have 23 in the next month! So get out your Calendars and pencil those in.  I still need a distraction till I get my RV out of storage — don’t get me started with all the prep I have to do because I can’t store Indoor yet.  Oh, HD Indoor Storage you can’t open your doors soon enough!

Getting Your Classic Car Fix: Bad Weather

American Graffiti

On a day like today, when we are drowning in “liquid sunshine”.  We can still enjoy Classic Cars.  I have come across the 20 Greatest Car Movies of All Time. With picks like “American Graffiti”, “Corvette Summer” and “Tucker” — there is something for every Classic Car Taste.  Good Weather, Bad Weather, Sunshine, Rain, Classic Car Fix — HD Indoor Storage has got you covered! (Get it?! Covered! That comedy gold puts me in the mood for “Cannonball Run”)

Boat still in storage? Got ideas for you!

Boat in Storage- Things to do while you waitRealizing Boat owners are also counting down the days till they can get their boats out of storage and on the water, I’ve come up with worthwhile distractions for you too! I found this helpful link on Preparing for the Boating Season.  There are a few things that you can do before you call “All Aboard!”

Ahoy! Your File Cabinet

A great start is getting you paperwork in order. Your registration, license, and decal for the boat should be up to date.  Also, where you float your boat may require special permits — now is the time to check this out.  Finally, in our neck of the woods in Pennsylvania, many need to complete a Boating Safety Course and receive a certificate.  Paperwork may not be high on the fun factor, but definitely a necessity and not something you can run out and pick up at the store.

A Real Lifesaver: Safety Shopping List

Stuff you can pick up at the store is safety equipment.  It may be time to freshen up those life jackets. Or your little ones may be turning into big ones — time to get some bigger life jackets as well.  And check those fire extinguishers, make sure they are working, full and haven’t expired.  That’s right fire extinguishers have an expiration date.  Want to make sure yours is ship shape? This article from Real Simple Magazine can help, “When to Replace a Fire Extinguisher”.

“Fun” is Music to My Ears

Now, as far as fun distractions.  Based on the success of my RV Road Trip Mixed Tape. I am working on a Boating Mixed Tape.  And this might require all hands on deck.  I’m stuck at “Sailing” by Christopher Cross.  I could really use some help on this one. Please float some song ideas my way — I’m sinking fast!

RV Road-trip Mixed Tape: Summer Soundtrack

ROADTRIPWe’ve been talking about planning while our Rig waits in RV storage.  And the wait continues.  Planning is a great distraction until you get to do what you are so looking forward to — hitting the road to camp! Some of my Facebook friends far from our neck of the woods in Pennsylvania, hit the road just this weekend and posted great photos (so envious). We REALLY need something to keep us busy. So, if you have all your trips planned, time to work on your summer soundtrack: RV Road-trip Mixed Tape!

RV Road Trip Mixed Tape?

I’m dating myself a bit here.  But when I was younger (This lead-in seems to summon a dazed, bored look in the eyes of my tweens), we made mixed tapes.  I remember an epic one for a Spring Break heading south.  So, while it may end up being played on Spotify, road trip = mixed tape for me.

New Classics

I have recently discovered “Winnebago” by Stephanie Quayle.  I could listen to that on a continuous loop.

Hop on in to my Winnebago.  We’re gonna go wherever the wind blows…

But, I am not travelling alone.  So, I have looked for variety that crosses generations. My criteria is a song that celebrate the journey of the road.   Always looking for suggestions, there’s room on my RV Road-trip Mixed Tape — Hop on!

  • “Winnebago” Stephanie Quayle
  • “Holiday Road” Lindsey Bunkingham
  • “The Way” Fastball
  • “I Can’t Drive 55” Sammy Haggard
  • “The Distance” Cake
  • “Go Your Own Way” Fleetwood Mac
  • “Cruise” Florida Georgia Line
  • “Take It Easy” The Eagles
  • “Slow Ride” Foghat
  • “Born to Run” Bruce Springsteen
  • “King of the Road” Roger Heller
  • “Everyday is a Winding Road” Sheryl Crow
  • “Where the Streets Have No Name” U2
  • “Running Down a Dream” Tom Petty
  • “Here I Go Again on My Own” Whitesnake
  • “Life in the Fast Lane” The Eagles
  • “Let the Good Times Roll” The Cars
  • “Radar Love” Golden Earring
  • “Life is a Highway” Tom Cochrane
  • “Route 66” Chuck Barry
  • “On the Road Again” Willie Nelson
  • “I’ve Been Everywhere” Johnny Cash
  • “America” Simon & Garfunkel
  • “Take Me Home, Country Road” John Denver

Still time to make plans while your rig is in RV Storage

Well the Spring thaw is well underway, a good dose of April showers has washed away the ice and snow on my Travel Trailer.  And as I count the days till I unwrap it from its cover, pull it out of RV storage and load it with gear, (All would be made easier if I stored my RV indoors — HD Indoor Storage will be open this fall. This will be a bright spot to the end of camping season.)  Good news! I have made progress with my trip planning.

Six RV Trips and Counting…

April Showers did more than wash away snow this weekend, they had me at my computer planning RV trips.  So, I am happy to say we now have six trips planned including camping in Delaware.  Amazingly enough, we have not camped there yet. And we hope to earn a new state sticker for the side of the trailer.  Anyone else collect state stickers on their RV?  Do you have to camp overnight or do you just have to travel through? This is a hot topic for us.

Not too late for more RV plans

Still some holes in the Camping calendar.  So, I was so encouraged to see this article today, “The 7 Best Beach Camping Spots in America”.  The article opens with:

Spring is finally upon us and summer camping trips are just around the corner, but many of America’s best sites require campers to book months in advance.

One possible solution? Consider parking your RV by the beach instead.

I’m in! What uplifting words to an RVer afraid they were “a little late to the party”. One of their suggestions is Assateague Island, Maryland. We went to Chincoteague last year.  As they mention, you cannot camp on the Virginia side where we were. We definitely want to go back and try the Maryland side.  This is as close as we got to the ponies (not very). Camping and a horse walks by — booking Assateague ASAP!

Chincoteague ponies
This is as close as we got to the Chincoteague ponies on our RV trip

Still hope in making camping 2017 a memorable one. But, as always trip tips appreciated!

Ode to Wooden Boats…

We spent some time on an RV trip in Maine a few summers back. Wonderful trip, beautiful state. This blog post brings me back. But, this post is not about RVs, it’s boats — wooden boats. What a sight to behold! Don’t get to see as many as we would like in our neck of the woods of Pennsylvania, so we’ve been steadily collecting favorites on Pinterest. (Feel free to recommend some pics!) Whatever your vessel, we’ll treat it like treasure. Ahoy!

Bad Camping = Good Results

When I saw this story “How bad camping trip turned Gonzaga into Final Four team”, I had to read it.  Not just because I have Final Four Fever.  But, it was camping! It talked about how less than ideal conditions on a camping trip (although I think this is debatable — you read and decide) brought the Gonzaga team together. Camping does that!

Is there such a thing as “Bad Camping”?

I think of an RV trip to Wellsboro, PA near the Grand Canyon on Pennsylvania. It was pouring rain. It tapped on the tent ends of our travel trailer like machine gun fire. But, it was drown out by the three generations sitting around our u-shaped dinette laughing and eating.  We had no TV. (Horrors!)  No Wi-Fi. (My tweens shudder at the thought.)  But, it was a favorite memory that we all go back to.  And as everyone gets older and busier, a moment that is pretty precious.  The sun did shine eventually and were earned some hiking cred by completing the infamous  “Turkey Path”.

Grand Canyon PA camping

I recently joined a Facebook group,”The Camping Community”.  And they are “Happy Campers”! They are such nice people sharing pictures of their camping adventures. While I haven’t met them, I imagine they are the type of people that hold the door for you when you walk in a store, smile and say “Hello”.  I bet they would say there is no such thing as a “bad camping trip” — I’ll have to ask them later. What do you think?

We all must be onto something because more people are camping — Even Oprah!

I have finally gotten around to planning some camping trips today.  Life has not allowed for as many open weekends as I hoped.  While trip planning, I thought, “What if the weather isn’t good?” “What if the campground isn’t nice?” ‘What if we can’t get reservations for that tour?”  Bottom line: It’s all good — because it’s camping.

Can’t wait to get my RV out of storage and hit the road.