Bad Camping = Good Results

When I saw this story “How bad camping trip turned Gonzaga into Final Four team”, I had to read it.  Not just because I have Final Four Fever.  But, it was camping! It talked about how less than ideal conditions on a camping trip (although I think this is debatable — you read and decide) brought the Gonzaga team together. Camping does that!

Is there such a thing as “Bad Camping”?

I think of an RV trip to Wellsboro, PA near the Grand Canyon on Pennsylvania. It was pouring rain. It tapped on the tent ends of our travel trailer like machine gun fire. But, it was drown out by the three generations sitting around our u-shaped dinette laughing and eating.  We had no TV. (Horrors!)  No Wi-Fi. (My tweens shudder at the thought.)  But, it was a favorite memory that we all go back to.  And as everyone gets older and busier, a moment that is pretty precious.  The sun did shine eventually and were earned some hiking cred by completing the infamous  “Turkey Path”.

Grand Canyon PA camping

I recently joined a Facebook group,”The Camping Community”.  And they are “Happy Campers”! They are such nice people sharing pictures of their camping adventures. While I haven’t met them, I imagine they are the type of people that hold the door for you when you walk in a store, smile and say “Hello”.  I bet they would say there is no such thing as a “bad camping trip” — I’ll have to ask them later. What do you think?

We all must be onto something because more people are camping — Even Oprah!

I have finally gotten around to planning some camping trips today.  Life has not allowed for as many open weekends as I hoped.  While trip planning, I thought, “What if the weather isn’t good?” “What if the campground isn’t nice?” ‘What if we can’t get reservations for that tour?”  Bottom line: It’s all good — because it’s camping.

Can’t wait to get my RV out of storage and hit the road.

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