RV Bucket List: The Infield Experience We’re Looking For…

A mere 5 days ago, I was looking for a Camping/NASCAR Infield experience with rave reviews and nearby (7 hour drive. Doable: love the journey and to get some warmth and sunshine — let’s ride). Here it is: Martinsville Speedway in Virginia. With a headline that says: ‘The camping is the best part. The racing is just the dessert’, we’re in! Little late to plan for this year — don’t get me started about trip planning!  But next year, we pull the rig out of www.hdindoorstorage.com and off to the races.  And it gives us time to get up on the NASCAR lingo, like “that guy in third seems to be struggingling with dirty air.”  If that doesn’t sound convincing, I’m going with Martinsville Speedway trivia.  I’m wearing a classic Richard Petty NASCAR shirt.  Those “in-the-know” know why — do you?


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