Could it Be? #3 in the Countdown to the Greater Philly RV Show

The  Greater Philadelphia RV Show is days away. We’ve given you our #1 and #2 things to look forward to, but we were only halfway!  There are a lot of great things that go along with RVing — gadgets, gizmos, and thingamajigs.  We understand the extras that go along with RVing. That’s why we built HD Indoor with the free air pump, vacuum and dump stations.  But, that is for This is about the RV Show coming to our neck of the woods in Oaks, Pa starting March 1st.  And if you haven’t been to the Philly RV Show before, put on your Pirate hat — it’s time to hunt for treasure.

RV Show Excitement: #3 Accessories

This is the great unknown — those RV extras that you didn’t even know you needed.  We don’t know what will be at this year’s RV show.  But, we do know this: Be prepared to buy.  This learning comes from a cautionary tale of last year.  While walking around the RV show, I saw the sharpest condiment holder.  It was a little picnic table that held ketchup and mustard. It was handmade and decked out with different sports teams.  I did not buy it. And I have regretted it all year.  So, I am hoping it is there because I need to move on.  It would give the awning area of our RV site that extra bit of personality I am always striving for.

The Outdoor Space

Which brings me to the importance of the outdoor space.  The RV outdoor space is a real canvas for RVers.  Everyone takes great pride in how they set it up: carpet, lights, tables, chairs, flags (All possible finds at the RV Show). I found this article that gives some inspiration, The Ultimate RV Patio.  I think the picture with the article is a little goofy — where is this RV parked? And who carries a wicker furniture set in their Motorhome? So, I found some additional inspiration online…

We love walking around and checking out people’s campsites when we travel.  And we love to deck out ours.  The RV Show is a great place for those unique, handmade accessories that will spark a conversation at the campground. We hope to find some new treasures at this year’s show.  If you are there condiment holder, I will find you.

For those that still have their Pirate Hat on in search of treasure, I’ll leave you with a few of these gems, Me Hearty:

What does a Pirate Santa say…? “Row row row..”

Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet? Because they spend years at C.

Have you heard any good pirate jokes? Well, neither have ayyye.

By the time you stop laughing, it will be time for #4 — stay tuned.

#2 As We Countdown to the Philly RV Show

We continue our countdown to the  Greater Philadelphia RV Show and the excitement is building for the HD Indoor Storage Team.  We love RVs a and we love going places in our RVs. That’s why we built HD Indoor off Exit 31 of the PA Turnpike because it’s easy to get to the Mountains, Shore, and More.  But, that is for This is about the RV Show coming to our neck of the woods in Oaks, Pa starting March 1st.  And if you haven’t been to the Philly RV Show before, you will be happy to know what else there is to discover.

RV Show Excitement: #2 Campgrounds

Have an RV — will travel.  And one of the many perks of our area is great campgrounds.  There is great destination inspiration at the RV Show.  We were very RV focused when we went last year and were pleasantly surprised to see some of our favorite Camping Spots at the show. And this year we look forward to check-in with our Old Friends and find some new getaways.

Old Friends

Enjoying the Brandywine River at Philadelphia/West Chester KOA

Philadelphia/West Chester KOA is a favorite for us. It is close which means that enjoying our RV and outdoors can be a reality on a weekend that may be packed with other obligations.  Some come far and wide because of its close proximity to Philadelphia and ability to accommodate day tours to the City of Brother Love (and Super Bowl Champs!).  We love the location on Brandywine Creek where you can canoe and fish.  The owners are always updating to keep the facilities top-notch.  We hope to check in with them at the show to hear the latest. Last year, we got the early news of a stunning store remodel. Hey Gary, what’s new?

Blue Rock’s Family Campground is so unique. It’s located near Hamburg, PA (that’s right, near Cabela’s — make time for a visit). It has an amazing Boulder Field left behind by a receding glacier from the last Ice Age. We were able to camp right up against it — it is unreal scenery.  There are great hiking trails from within the campground that let you hook-up to the Appalachian Trail. If you really enjoy Hiking, it’s worth taking a drive to nearby Hawk Mountain as well.  But, it is really worth looking for them at the Philly RV Show because last year they brought a classic car and vintage trailer — a must see!

New Friends

So much left to discover! We are always looking for new finds in the Poconos.  We have not really explored Western Pennsylvania.  And while we are no stranger to the Jersey Shore, we haven’t camped there yet. So, we are on the hunt for some new Campgrounds this season and now is the time to plan.  Hey Campgrounds — if you are going to be at the Philly RV Show, let’s hear about it. And if you know of any great destinations, give us your favs!

Could there be a #3 item of RV Excitement? Stay tuned to find out.

Countdown to the Greater Philadelphia RV Show

It’s a week away from the Greater Philadelphia Show and we are very excited here at HD Indoor Storage.  As you probably figured, we love RVs.  That’s why we built HD Indoor with wide aisles, pull-through units, on-site dump station — we could go on and on. But, that is for This is about the RV Show coming to our neck of the woods in Oaks, Pa starting March 1st.  As RV Fans, we went last year and there are 4 things we are looking forward. I’m going to start from the top…

RV Show Excitement: #1 RVs

rv showrvshow 2

Hold on, Captain Obvious — I will break this down further: New Model Year RVs, Great RV Deals, and Undiscovered RVs.

New Model Year RVs

There are some exciting things happening in RVs in 2018.  Many companies are introducing new floor plans — like Thor, Jayco, and Keystone.  The variety of sizes is expanding.  More Class A options in the under 30ft  category from Coachmen and Fleetwood.  And new Builders entering new categories, like Tiffin offering a Class C Motorhome.  Although it looks like a Class B+ to us, similar to what Airstream and Leisure Travel Vans offer.  If anyone can pin that down, let us know.  Is that like a “Pony car” vs. “Muscle Car” debate?

What you get inside is ever changing, I never thought a washer and dryer was even a possibility — saw it last year. I’ve heard there are more builders offering two full-baths in 2018.  Mind blown!

If you want to be an industry insider, you can read more here Latest Entries: Motorhomes for 2018

Great RV Deals

Unlike many car shows where you just admire from afar, you can walk away with a great deal on an RV at the Greater Philly Show. You may be lucky enough to find “the one” by the end of the weekend and make it yours.  Or you could follow our path and find a great dealer to work with.  And get “the one” not too long after.  Either way, the show is a great way to educate yourself and comparison shop. You want a new RV with no regrets.  We had our neighbors attend last year, like Fretz Rv and Camper’s Inn RV.

Undiscovered RVs

This is a fun one.  These RVs in a class of their own that you have never seen before.  I was blown away by the tiny trailers last year.  They can be pulled by most vehicles and pack a lot in a small space. Looking forward to seeing what is BIG in tiny this year.  This fun article RV Trends in 2018 for the Adventure Hungry Traveler can be your Scavenger List for the upcoming show.

And that’s all for #1, next of #2 — What do you think it will be?