HD Indoor Storage: Location! Location! Location!

Took a field trip on Friday to HD Indoor Storage to get an update on the ongoing construction of our Best-in-Class Facility. And what a ride! The HD Indoor family is spread out a bit in our neck of the woods of Pennsylvania. While some live nearby in Montgomery County, I live near West Chester about 10 minutes from the PA Turnpike.  It took me about 40 blissful minutes to get to the site and here are my thoughts from the road…

Location #1: Turnpike Easy Breezy

I talked about upgrading over the summer from a trailer to a motorhome — and we did it! We took an Epic Road trip this summer. And yes, I stood at the foot of Pablo at South of the Border.  While I adore the new Motorhome, it has its challenges: It is bigger, taller, wider than our old set-up.  And on the open road, it’s a dream.  But, navigating some backroads to a campground get-away can be a little stressful.

But, as I jumped on the Turnpike and headed up the Northeast Extension. I thought “This is a breeze!” Three lane highway –I’m in heaven. And off the Lansdale Exit 31, is populated with Industrial Parks. Industrial Parks = Trucks = Big Rig Friendly Roads. Every second is an eternity on a narrow, winding road in the motorhome. So, getting to HD Indoor is a quick and EASY ride.

Location #2: Good Neighbors!

Another advantage of HD Indoor Storage is the neighborhood. And I don’t just mean the neat and clean Industrial Park it is located in.  Within minutes of 630 Hagey Road, Souderton you can find the following help for your RV, Boat or Classic Car…

I wish I could say we didn’t come back from a trip with a problem from time to time. It is nice to have someone nearby to help. There was a tire pressure issue in South Carolina that I wish I had 3 RV providers nearby, but that is a story for another day. (Makes me “tired” just thinking of it — Ok, moving on….)

Location #3: On the way to the Mountains, Shore and Bay…

HD Indoor Storage is on the way to many great destinations.  I made these nifty graphics to show how central we are to fun!


Being on the way to so many great places, changes how you think about storage.  Instead of packing your RV away and saying “Good-bye for the winter.” You are saying, “See ya soon!” Because when ideal conditions hit with indoor storage — you are on the road, on your way to fun. Remember Christmas 2015? I do — I have the pictures of the kids in shorts in the backyard. This year chestnuts roasting by the campfire can happen.

Those are my thoughts from my ride to HD!
Look for my construction update — you can be taking that easy ride to our great location soon!


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