Spring is here. Start planning those RV Camping trips… Now!

So, Spring is here. Next up Summer. HD Indoor Storage needs to get their RV camping trips in order.  Not sure if we’re “early birds” or “late to the party”.  We need to plan a trip!

What’s on our Wish List?

Already have some classics on the RV Camping calendar: Knoebel’s and Hershey Park. I think we need to add more than a Roller Coaster to the mix. There is a lot of inspiration out there.  Googled “RV Camping Trips” and I got 795,000 results!   Being snowed in last week had us researching.  But, we’re looking for a camping trip within our Pennsylvania state lines and some water — fishing, kayaking, swimming — am I missing anything?

RV Camping trip wish come true?

I like this “10 of the Coolest Parks for RV Camping” link because it includes a campground less than two hours from us in Pennsylvania, Keen Lake Camping & Cottage Resort. I haven’t been yet. (I didn’t book in time the last few years!) And it has water — the “lake” part was a giveaway — boating, fishing and lake swimming. I’m off to a great start.  If you have any RV camping trip suggestions that fit our wish list, send them our way. I don’t have time to sift through 795,000 results!

RV trip planning is a great distraction during the Spring thaw. I just removed huge hunks of snow from our backyard trampoline a few days ago.  It was back-breaking work — I thought trampolines were supposed to be fun! It makes me think of our poor buried RV.  The new HD Indoor Storage Facility cannot open soon enough.

But, what do you think: should I be panicking about my RV Calendar — how early do you plan an RV Camping Trip?

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